IT Park Mak Solutions, Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad-based Indu Group is a world-class solutions provider to infrastructure and real estate industry, with operations spread across India. Bajaj supplied 450 Eazy-Dek (Table forms) systems for Indu’s MAK Solutions IT Park coming up on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Bajaj’s Eazy-Dek was used for casting flat slabs covering an area of over 3500 sq. m. The complete process from erect onto stripping to lifting and re-arranging was done within a tight span of 30 minutes.


Offbeat Mall

Offbeat Mall is a commercial building having basement plus three floors. For this post-tensioned slab construction, Bajaj supplied the formwork system for slab and column capitals. The 6000 sq. m. mall space utilized 700 units of Eazy-Dek tables with all the accompanying heavy duty props. This lightweight Aluminium-based system allowed quicker and safer execution of the project.


Commercial Tower, Pune, India

This is a 6 + 9 floor commercial building, located in Pune. Eazy-Dek systems of variable sizes were supplied to meet the requirements of flexibility, speed and economy. The systems were designed for compatibility of heights ranging from 3.2 m to 6.0 m. In this post tensioned construction covering 1850 sq. m. area slab in a single phase, Bajaj systems have been used for slab and column capital.


Commercial Complex, Elphinstone Mill Compound

One Indiabulls Centre, standing on Elphinstone Mill Compound, is the first high-end Commercial Development of its kind in central Mumbai’s emerging Central Business District. With the project set to redefine commercial spaces, Indiabulls has sourced systems from Bajaj for construction of Columns, Beams & Slabs, Shear Wall, and Medium Duty Trestles. In the current phase, we are providing Vertis panels for Columns and Lift Core.


Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park

Reputed to be Pune’s largest InfoTech Park till date, this project has led to extensive growth in the surrounding region. As it becomes fully functional, it will be a bustling new business district for the Pune region.For this project, Bajaj supplied formwork for slab casting that was constructed as flat slab system. We provided 330 Eazy-Dek tables, along with lifting hook and transportation trolley. The additional equipment facilitated quick movement in horizontal and vertical directions, bringing speed to the construction.


Municipal Corporation of Delhi

This project involved construction of 3 heights of Retaining walls each measuring approximately 4.1 metres, totaling to 12.3 metres. To ensure economy, speed of construction and safety, Climbing Formwork was recommended and supplied for 1000 sq. m. The supply consisted of panels, walers, raker props, raker bracket and working platform on both sides of Retaining Wall. It was circular in shape with inner dia varying from 108.45 m at the bottom to 106.310 m at the top.


Palais Royale

At 320 meters, Palais Royale is set to be Mumbai’s tallest planned skyscraper. An ambitious initiative of Shree Ram UrbanInfrastructure Ltd., the 320 meters skyscraper will be equivalent of 90 stories tall and almost 1/3 taller than Mumbai’s current tallest tower.For this prestigious project, Pranav has supplied formwork for 7 different circular columns, an elliptical column, 2 odd-shapedcolumns and circular lift walls. Various types of Columns and Lift Core have also been designed to withstand the high rate of pour of 4 mtr. per hour for rectangular columns.



Bajaj has supplied Alu ply formwork with climbing form at Cipla R & D Building projects. The formwork has been designed in such a way to give aesthetic look. Bajaj has supplied formwork for shearwall, staircase wall & liftcore.


Raddison Plaza hotel at Vikroli

Bajaj has provided the staging to cast the beam on atrium level.
Bajaj is the only company in India who qualified to provide the staging up to 50 M height. This is also one of the landmark project in Mumbai.
Supply: Staging for Beam.


HDIL Commercial Complex Kurla, India

Bajaj was selected by Vascon Engineers Pune on the merit that they could find such flexible light weight and yet sturdy system for design and supply of single sided Retaining wall formwork. This is a unique project since tie rods were not allowed and the height of the wall is 6 mtrs, to be cast in single pour. Pranav designed it’s sturdy Triframe as support to the Waler, Wooden Beam & ply which was successfully cast in single pour in record time.


Station Building for Bangalore Metro

Construction Major IVRCL is constructing station for the Bangalore Metro (BMRCL) at Ulsoor, OMR & CMH. This was a very tight schedule project for the contractors & Bajaj obliged by providing the much needed engineered light weight formwork particularly for the L shaped beam and the Pier arm on time in full. This particular project has provided Bajaj with the competitive edge of being one of the most preferred formwork suppliers on this project.


Iconic and Identical Towers at Gurgaon

NCR has been showing an upward trend in every aspect for the last few years and they have taken it a bit too seriously when it come to the height of the upcoming buildings. Bajaj has been no way behind and are closely associated with GYS- Vision Colliers and ACIL for the Iconic and Identical Towers being constructed at the heart of Gurgaon. Bajaj had been selected for the supply of the entire vertical structures (Columns ,Sheer Wall, Lift Core etc) for these prestigious projects.


Software Development Block SDB-10 Infosys- Pune, India.

The Infosys SDB – 10 Site at Hinjewadi, Pune showcases the conglomaration of four industry stalwarts, Infosys Technologies in I.T. , TRC (USA) as consultants, Sobha Construction and Bajaj Construction Systems in formwork. Bajaj has supplied, Vertis, the multipurpose high repetition panel based formwork system for Walls, Columns, Retaining wall, Lift-core, Eazydek, & Table Formwork for the slab in this project. This project is the first in a nationwide tie up with Infosys to meet their formwork requirements.


Evolution Business Park, Kurla , India

Evolution Business Park is a landmark project in the heart of Kurla’s business district. The project required the contractor to cast the columns with pigmented concrete with no additional surface finishing or treatment after concreting. This meant a smooth circular formwork with even no joint line for which the contractor has preferred Bajaj over the GRP formwork. Bajaj had supplied this special purpose formwork for Circular Column well treated with epoxy coating from inside which ensured the required high quality fair face finish.


Software Development Block SDB-9 Infosys-Chennai, India.

The Infosys SDB – 9 Site at Chennai showcases the conglomaration of four industry stalwarts, Infosys Technologies in I.T. , TRC (USA) as consultants, Sobha Construction the Contractor and Bajaj Construction Systems the formwork supplier. Bajaj has supplied, Vertis, the multipurpose high repetition panel based formwork system for Walls, Columns, Retaining wall, Eazydek, & Table Formwork for the slab in this project. This project is the first in a nationwide tie up with Infosys to meet their formwork requirements.


Toto India Industrial Project- Gujarat, India.

ToTo India Pvt. Ltd. is setting up their first plant in India to manufacture sanitary wares and cater to the growing demand of the Indian market. The annual capacity of this plant would be 5,00,000 units and investment of INR 380 crores (approx. US$76 million) at Gujarat.

Bajaj has supplied four sets of Alvert Formwork systems for manufacturing of Octagonal Chamber of 40M3 Capacity. Formwork is designed in such a way that the same formwork would be utilized for manufacturing of other size chambers i.e. 20M3, 8M3, 5M3, 2M3 without any further investment on formwork.


Manyata Tech Park, Banagalore

This is a fast track commercial building with flat slabs for which the contractor wanted to use a system which can give him a very high cycle time. Eazydek was the best solution for this application particularly because of the flat slab and the limited area for manoeuvring the system. The customer has chosen Bajaj Eazydek system due to its wide area coverage and the light weight easy assembly mechanism. This project has further established Pranav’s product acceptance for its quality and unparalleled service across India.