Dubai Metro, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Metro is one of the most prestigious Metro Projects in the world, being executed by Japan Turkey Metro JV under the design of Systra, France. Bajaj has had the proud distinction of being associated with this project at various phases of its development. Formwork for piers, viaduct deck segments, portal pier spanning across the main highway, ramp wall, and spine beam for station building has been supplied by Bajaj.

Dubai Metro

Ideb Project (P) Ltd., Delhi, India

Bajaj was awarded the fabrication of Launcher. The Launcher was of 86.5m Span, 25m Max. (Adjustable) Height weighing 450 Tons with built up Box-Girder on 4 corners. 100% Radiography was carried out on the Launcher components. 10000 holes were drilled for bolting and assembling the components. The complete assembling was carried out at site. The basic design was guided by the Consultant and detailed fabrication Drawings and fabrication were prepared by Bajaj.


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Delhi, India

The Delhi Metro is an underground and viaduct mass transit system. For this ISO 14001 certified project, Bajaj has supplied formwork to cast more than 2000 piers and pier caps and several thousands of segments for sub-structures and super-structures for cast in-situ and precast elements. These include Station piers, Cantilever piers and Portal piers. In some areas, to maintain unobstructed traffic, Bajaj has supplied integral load bearing portal steel structures above the traffic.


Mumbai Metro, Mumbai, India

Mumbai Metro One Private Limited is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to implement the Versova–Andheri-Ghatkopar (VAG) Metro corridor in Mumbai. Bajaj has designed, manufactured and supplied formwork for pier, pre-cast pier cap and pre-cast U-girders 20 mts & 30 mts. long. All this in a tight schedule and under stringent quality parameters. The formwork was built with a light-weight and high strength product called super flex. The soffit of U-girder was built with sliding arrangement to allow the concreted U-girder to slide during stressing.


Navi Mumbai Metro, Mumbai, India

Bajaj’s record of having supplied formwork systems to metro projects in India remained intact with the supply of formwork for Pier, Pier cap, Long line and facia panels to the Navi Mumbai Metro project stretching from Belapur to Pendhar. Bajaj has also supplied decoform formliners to add to the aesthetic look for the piers for this metro line cutting across this 21st century city. The Piers also has the peculiar design of recess opening for which Bajaj designed a very unique system giving easy assembly & striking providing smooth and clean finish.


Bangalore Metro Rail

After successful associations with Delhi and Mumbai Metro, Bajaj designed, manufactured and supplied 7 sets of self-supporting formwork for Pier & Pier cap and 4 sets of Pier & Pier arms for lesser and greater than 21 m height Piers for Bangalore Metro. The formwork has been provided with quick release wedge & pin arrangement for ease of assembly & striking and speedy relocating. The L shaped concrete beam spanning the width of the station building has I-girders coming and resting on this beam from both sides, all supplied by Bajaj.